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Minutes and Resolutions

Welcome to The Club.


Forming an INC or LLC is like joining an exclusive club. Like any club you join, it has benefits. But it also has rules.


When it comes to INC’s and LLC’s everyone tells you about all the benefits and opportunities you will have if you form one. But no one really tells you the responsibilities you need to follow once its formed. As a result, you can lose your tax benefits and liability protection.


That's where Burnett & Associates comes in. We are here to help you! We specialize in 'what comes next'. We offer the compliance and record keeping that your company is required to follow according to state statutes.  We also provide continuing business and tax education to help you with your business journey. 


Ready to take the guess work out of managing your compliance? Click the purchase now button. Need more information? Click the Free Consultation button above. 

The Importance of Your Record Book

What are Minutes and Resolutions?

What about Prior Records?

What is Piercing of the Corporate Veil and Alter Ego?

How to Issue Stock or Membership

Do LLCs need Minutes and Resolutions?

Why do I Have to do Annual Meetings?

Filing my Annual Report with the State

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Record Book

Is a Record Book important? Yes. If your company ever gets sued or audited, the very first thing your enemy is going to do is subpoena your company record book. No Record Book? No Protection. Period. The Record Book should include the history of your company’s decisions, Articles, and ownership. If you don’t have one, you need one! Order yours today!

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