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The More You Know, The Less You Owe


Where ZOOM When October 12th _ 1000am PST (13).png

Join Attorney Scott Burnett on December 7th @ 10:00am PST for an interactive Q and A for the business owner. 

Where: ZOOM

Are You Prepared to be Sued or Audited?

Years of experience in suing businesses has led us to take the other side and teach business owners how to protect themselves from the mistakes that others have made.


  • Schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced professionals to discuss your personal business needs. From creating a brand new entity, to reconstructing documents for an established business, or changing your tax strategy, we can help you through these necessary processes.​


  • Our team streamlines the process of forming your new LLC or Corporation. We provide comprehensive record keeping services, ensuring your company's documentation remains up-to-date with every decision.


  • In our program, you can enjoy peace of mind that your business is protected against lawsuits and audits. You'll receive unlimited resolutions, constant reminders from our paralegal, and more valuable continuing education. 

Hear From Our Clients

My family has worked with Scott since before he had his own business and moved with him once he started his. As a customer of his and/or his company for 20 years I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Burnett and Associates. On a day to day basis I mostly work with Karen & Mason - who are both thorough and prompt in their responses! A+ work at BA. 

Alex (2023)

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